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Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent.

In order to become a foster parent/guardian we ask that you will out this application. A large portion of our dogs are from county animal shelters and they do not know what is happening and will need time to adjust. You must be able to supervise them and we cannot be responsible for anything that they might chew etc. Please understand that all foster animals are under the legal guardianship of Adopt A Rescued Pet Inc. until they are officially adopted.
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Have you every fostered an animal before?
Do you have any pets of your own?
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  I understand that Adopt A Rescued Pet Inc. does not and cannot make any representation of warranties, either expressed or implied concerning the temperament, health, disposition or background of this animal and Adopt A Rescued Pet Inc. will pay for all medical care for your foster dog. I understand that the animal’s future reactions to me, my family and any other person are completely unpredictable. I also assume full responsibility to provide proper water, food, shelter, exercise, veterinarian care and safe environment for this animal. Animals should never be left unattended in a motor vehicle at any time and always supervised around children.


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In consideration of receiving this animal the adopting party hereby releases Adopt A Rescued Pet Inc., its foster parents, and any volunteers from claims of liability to anyone for injuries or damage caused to them or their property..


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I agree to contact Adopt A Rescued Pet Inc. at least once a week at 352-795-9550 to keep them informed on the well being of the foster animal. If for any reason I cannot continue to foster, I will notify Adopt A Rescued Pet Inc. at least seven days in advance so they may move the dog to a new foster home.