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Not every pet will fit into your lifestyle. Our adoption counselors will ask you many questions to determine which pet will do well in your home and which will not. This way we can be sure the pet you get will be the pet you want, to love for its lifetime! Please, understand that we deal with homeless or unwanted animals. Many of our animals come from unknown backgrounds. The adoption process may seem time consuming, but we wish to maximize an animal's chance for a successful, permanent adoption. Adopting a companion pet is a major consideration and responsible pet ownership demands a considerable commitment. Thank you for your interest in our fostered animals.
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Do you own or rent your current home?
If you rent, a statement from the landlord with address and phone number is required.
Does anyone in your house have allergies to dogs or cats?
Are there children living in the home?
If yes, how many & ages:
Would you consent to a pre-adoption and post-adoption home visit?



What pets have you owned before?
What happened to them?
What animals do you now own?
Are they Spayed/Neutered?
Current on Vaccinations?
Do your pets tolerate other animals?
Your Veterinarian's Office Name & Phone # Name:


No Current Vet

Are you financially prepared to provide the necessary care for your pet including: proper food, vaccinations, parasite control (fleas, ticks, worms, etc.), licensing, adequate shelter, and veterinary care for yearly check-ups, or an after-hours medical emergencies?
Will your pet spend all or most of the daytime indoors?
Will your pet spend all or most of the night indoors?
Are you willing to COMMIT yourself and your energies to this pet for its lifetime?
What do you consider a good reason to give up your pet?
Have you ever used a crate to train a pet?
Any objection to crate training, if needed, i.e. to prevent unwanted behavior [chewing electric cords, furniture]; or health problems that might occur; for further house breaking of a shelter pet; to medicate urinary tract infection, etc.)
Is your yard fenced “dog secure”?
If not, how will you “potty” your dog?
Will outside shelter be needed/available while you are away for short periods?
Have you trained a dog in basic obedience in the past?
If needed for better control, would you be willing to take your dog through a basic obedience class?
About how many daytime hours, per day, will you be able to be at home with your pet?
I am interested in the following type, breed, age, size, and animal



  I affirm that all application information is true.

  I realize that this is a lifetime commitment to this animal and I will endeavor (correct to endeavour) to give this pet a happy & healthy home. IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS WITH THIS PET, I WILL IMMEDIATELY CONTACT MY ADOPTER FOR ASSISTANCE, OR IF I MUST EVER GIVE IT UP, I WILL RETURN IT TO MY ADOPTER.

  I agree to allow Adopt-A-Rescued Pet, Inc. to do a home visit prior to adoption, and as a follow up, if needed, to investigate the premises where the animal is kept, and to reclaim the animal, if in the judgment of Adopt -A- Rescued Pet, Inc, the animal is not being adequately cared for, the terms and conditions of this adoption contract have not